Tiwaoma  (pronounced “Tiwa  Oma”), is a limited company registered in England in 2021. Our registration number is 13488286.

My name is Agnes, I was only a young girl in grade 11 when I walked into a barbers’ shop for a hair cut. I could still recall the disappointment expressed by my parents when I returned. Unfortunately, the constant mockery, and bullying of my receding hairline and bald spot by colleagues in school and hairdressers, cost me my confidence, self-esteem, and smile, I couldn’t take it anymore.

After much effort to regrow my hair lines proved fruitless, I started wearing hair wigs, but as a braid lover and a very skilled braider, whose side hustle in school was braiding hair for fellow students, not wearing braids made me sad. I knew I had to change how I felt, so I learnt the skills of wig making, and started braiding my own wigs. This brought me comfort, as I could wear trending cornrows and braid styles in the form of a wig.

However, I discovered the true purpose of my God’s given talent, when I saw a video of a little girl who had just beaten cancer and her extremely happy mother while on Facebook feed. The beautiful girl wore a beanie hat as she had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, and I desired to add colour and smile to her face, by switching the boring beanie with a comfortable colourful kids braided wig or even a beanie with beautiful braids.

This passion to improve the physical appearance of children and women going through the discomfort of hair loss, either as a result of cancer, Alopecia and other related causes of hair loss drives our creativity at Tiwaoma Ltd.

My mission is to empower children and women going through hair loss, to be confident, to look and feel beautiful, by providing unique and comfortable braided wigs that fits, thereby encouraging emotional, psychological and physical healing.

Please look around my shop with confidence, and send me a message if you can’t find what you seek, and I will braid and deliver to you❤️