• What primary service do you offer?

We  customize braid wigs for adults and children and offer training courses on braiding techniques

  • Where are the wigs produced?

 The wigs are braided by a network of local craft man located in Bradford, UK. So, you can enjoy direct communication with the expert braider making your wig and also contribute to building local skills

  • How long would it take to braid a wig ?

Our braid wigs are handmade and we pay in-depth attention to each wig that we braid to ensure it meets our quality standard. It will take 10 to  15days  from the date of your order, to have your wig dispatched to you.

  • How can I be sure that the braid wig would suite me?

Before placing an order for a braid wig style, kindly follow our guide on head measurement and measure your head for appropriate wig cap size selection. And, choose a hair extension color that complements your skin tone.

However, our ready to ship wigs are made with wig caps classified as one cap fit all. As such the wig suits an average head size.